Journey Launches Secure Identity and Transaction Applications Using Smartphone Capabilities on the Five9 CX Marketplace. Read Press Release

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Zero Knowledge Payments

Journey can help businesses with a faster, PCI compliant secure payment solution that can complete transactions in just a couple of seconds - with a high degree of security.

Card-Not-Present transactions tend to be the highest risk payments, but Journey’s solution will make the transaction more trustworthy than nearly all in-person payment transactions because it is tied to a high-veracity identity verification.

PCI Compliance is a headache for many companies, particularly with millions of agents working from home. Journey, a security firm focused on verified identity and secure transactions, has a simple, elegant and completely secure payment solution.

By bypassing the agent screen and the contact center stack altogether, you narrow the scope of PCI compliance and protect your customers.

Journey’s remote digital secure payment solution is MORE secure than “card present” transactions, and is easy to integrate.

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Journey’s products are easy to deploy. Please get in touch at to learn more.