Our smartphones have revolutionized the way we live life. Their embedded sensors and digital capabilities change the way we live our lives. Consider the impact of Uber, DoorDash, dating apps, restaurant reservations, theater ticket apps on our everyday lives.

Now consider the Contact Center. It’s the number one vector for fraud in most enterprises. For the most part, it’s a dreaded customer experience full of annoying questions, repeating yourself, waiting on hold, being dragged through an irrelevant IVR, speaking personal information out loud in a subway, or being asked to enter touchtones while you’re driving.

And on the inside of the business, the contact center represents enormous cost and internal friction. It’s very difficult to introduce new technology, there’s enormous tech debt and sunk costs in old infrastructure that’s incredibly difficult to change.

There may be small incremental changes, but overall, the contact center is broken and well overdue for a revolutionary change. It must include an order of magnitude improvement in:

1) friction on the customer, 

2) easy and highly flexible implementation for the contact center, 

3) efficiency of agents, 

4) significant improvements in security and compliance.

This represents a monumental opportunity.

Journey has solved this problem by leveraging the power of smart devices, a cloud based platform, and a patented identity network layer to create thousands of elegant customer interactions across any industry or business function, making it far more secure and a game-changing experience for customers. The powerful sensors on smart devices enable callers to do all sorts of things on a call, like sign a document, snap a photo or type in data that is then encrypted and verified, but never shown to the agent.

This approach has the potential to change the way that businesses interact with their customers across every channel, endpoint, and interaction in the customer journey. Using Journey’s technology, calling a contact center could be much more like calling an Uber, where you have instant trust with the human on the other end, they never need to ask you awkward or annoying questions, and you can make a payment using a digital wallet with the click of a finger.

For consumers, like all of us, this is a game changer. But it’s equally as game changing for the enterprise. Journey’s capabilities take the drudgery out of the agent’s day. They can authenticate a caller almost instantaneously, never make a customer repeat any data (even through transfers), never have to read a script of legalese, and never have to ask uncomfortable, personal questions. They are also free from the responsibility of detecting fraud, phishing, or synthetic identity fraud. Higher veracity identity does that for them, and lets them get down to business.

For contact center leaders, the efficiencies and de-risking are game changers. Cutting on average 11% of the call with instantaneous authentication and faster business transactions will drive more revenue, increase first call resolution, decrease handle time and give customers an unforgettable experience.

If you’d like to explore how this might help your business, reach out to us at info@journeyid.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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