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Journey’s identity products can standalone or combine to provide award-winning customer experience and powerful security using verified identity as the source of truth.

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Enrollment & Onboarding

Establish a digital identity that may be used once or throughout the customer journey to streamline the experience, eliminate fraud and protect customer data privacy.

Verify your customers using real time image capture and biometrics to match them to a photo ID.

ID verification that surpasses today’s KYC solutions, with a simple interface in less than 2 minutes on average.

Leverage any number of database checks, including Credit, Terrorism, Mobile Phone, and more depending on the need.

Common Enrollment & Onboarding Use Cases
  • Watch VideoDigital Identity Verification for New KYC-Compliant Accounts

Omnichannel Authentication

Securely authenticate your customers, partners and employees across all digital and voice channels without passwords and without revealing sensitive customer information.

Eliminate passwords across all channels and applications with omni-channel biometrics.

Eliminate passwords across all channels and applications with an omni-channel biometric.

Agent verifies customer AND customer verifies agent without sharing sensitive data.

Easily add additional biometric factors during large or sensitive transactions.

Up front authentication to verify access to company assets or info.

Ensure that the authenticated individual remains in the interactions throughout the entire session.

view product: Continuous Authentication

Customer accounts recovered easily and securely to new devices w/biometric identity, not password resets or KBA.

Common Omnichannel Authentication Use Cases
  • Watch VideoInbound Calls to the Contact Center
  • Watch VideoOutbound Calls

Interactions & Transactions

Protect your customers’ data privacy and your compliance posture for all sorts of transactions by encrypting each session and showing proof of its completion, but never the sensitive consumer info.

Interactive process drives 10x improvement in right party contact rates

Secure customer payments w/o agent or CC exposure, eliminating PCI scope

Collect biometrically signed documents - even during calls with agents

Collect any type of customer information into forms even during calls with agents

Agents collect & verify sensitive customer data without seeing it, even with Work From Home

Verify a piece of data and deliver an attestation, rather than the answer to the query.

Common Interactions & Transactions Use Cases
  • Watch VideoPrivacy Preserving Payments
  • Watch VideoSecure Transactions in a Web Browser
  • Watch VideoZero Knowledge Agents & Queries
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Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
Easy to Integrate
Orchestration of Identity as a Service
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