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Digital Identity Verification

Verify your customers using biometrics matched to a photo ID.

Identity theft and account takeover are rising dramatically, so it’s both more difficult and more important than ever for businesses to trust that someone is who they claim to be online.

Journey’s unique and award-winning digital identity verification checks all those boxes by leveraging a secure purpose-built Zero Knowledge Identity Network that creates ultra-high veracity identity proofing using using biometrics, OCR and computer vision to validate photo IDs, match the user to the IDs, and collect and verify document data.

  • High veracity digital identity verification
  • Cloud or device biometrics
  • Digitally validate over 4,000 government-issued photo IDs from around the world
  • Up to 1:12 million accuracy
  • Multiple access methods: Mobile, Web Browser, QR Code, Enterprise App
  • Match users to driver’s license with False Acceptance Rates (FAR) as low as 1:950,000
  • Utilize flexible combination cloud and device-based biometrics to apply the right tool the specific job
  • Accessible from any smart device
Journey implementations take days or weeks, not months or years.

The user experience boils down to three basic steps that take less than 1 minute for end users to complete.

Step 1 Validate the photo ID
Step 2 Match the user to the photo ID while confirming liveness
Step 3 Collect & verify identity details
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Learn More About Digital Identity Verification

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