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Financial Services

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It’s imperative to establish trusted identity. This is the foundation of secure, private, compliant, and smooth transactions.

Journey takes a fundamentally new approach to establishing trusted identity that is faster, more secure and completely compliant with all security and privacy regulations.

Our zero-knowledge network is designed to provide up to 1:billion veracity of digital identity, ultra-secure transactions in every interaction, and an award-winning customer experience that drives digital adoption, establishes mutual trust and protects your business and customers from fraudsters.

In a highly-regulated industry like financial services, compliance is key. So what is the best way for a financial service company to control fraud?

New account creation in Financial Services is a major fraud vector and regulated by strict regulations, making the process arduous for banks and customers alike.

The typical time to onboard a new customer is now 32 days in 2019, up from 28 days in 2018, and it takes 41 days on average to onboard a high-net worth customer. Journeys solution is far more secure than typical KYC processes and takes less than 5 minutes.

Journey makes this process simple, fast, elegant, and most importantly, ultra-secure, privacy-preserving, and compliant with all compliance laws globally, using our unique security model and Zero Knowledge network.

Onboard in under 5 minutes

eSignatures have become a way of life and have gotten much easier. But what if there was a way to make them faster, easier, more secure, and seamlessly integrate them into the customer experience? Well, there is.

Wire fraud, stolen credit cards, hacked bank accounts, falsified tax returns – who doesn’t have a story these days of rampant financial fraud? Journey protects financial transactions with our zero knowledge transactions and payment processing.

Verifying identity in the branch can be just as crucial as it is in the digital world. With the veracity provided by Journey’s Identity solutions, identity is verified beyond a shadow of a doubt in just seconds. Think of it as a digital notary.

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