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Digital Onboarding and Enrollment

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New account creation can be tedious and fraught with risk for both the individual and the business. Abandonment rates can be high, the effort can be time consuming and complex, and a failure to create a new account can have huge consequences.

On the other hand, making this process smooth, secure, and private has enormous benefits for everyone involved in time, risk, and efficiency.

Establishing verified identity for sensitive and regulated accounts,  like applying for mortgages or unemployment benefits, requires uncompromising accuracy and security, but those can’t come at the cost of user experience degradation, abandonment, or user-driven mistakes.

Journey offers the only solution to identity verification and enrollment that natively embeds in a client’s website and/or mobile app, covers all phases of verification with best-in-class technological innovation, and does so with a strict adherence to privacy preservation and award winning CX.

Identity is established using a combination of verifying private and government-issued documents, and linking them to industry leading device and cloud-based biometrics.

It’s based on Journey’s patent-pending Zero Knowledge Network, which facilitates data collection, encryption, routing, and decryption without ever storing, selling or sharing customer data.

Each session is individually encrypted and verified as the steps are completed, avoiding a surprise failure at the end of a enrollment process.

Interoperable on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops or PCs with webcams to leverage the camera(s) to collect and verify documents.

Information is never stored or visible to Journey or other entities, so privacy and security are innate.

Utilizing sophisticated video selfies to generate 3d facemaps of users creates industry ease and accuracy matching users to their identity documents as well as for cloud-based facial authentication.

Reliance on 3d facemapping technology for document matching and facial authentication focuses on facial shapes rather than skin tone, which is used in most single selfie-based matching and authentication, therefore eliminating any measurable racial or gender bias in performance and accuracy.

Onboarding processes are simple to understand and can be completed independently or can be assisted by a live agent, all without exposing personal information to the agent’s screen.

The “Zero Knowledge” network design means that agents can work from anywhere and have no sensitive information on their screens.

Easy cloud-based integration can transform your enrollment processes in a matter of days or weeks.

Because personal data never actually travels to, or is seen by, an agent or the contact center infrastructure, the customer’s data and privacy is highly protected and the enterprise saves millions on fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and time previously wasted on establishing identity in old antiquated ways that weren’t all that secure to begin with and irritated customers and agents alike.

Let us show you how easy it is to revolutionize your onboarding processes with the utmost in security, privacy, and customer experience.

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