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Go Towards the Chiaroscuro
10 | Dec

The average US resident visits between 200 and 300 Internet destinations. We visit Amazon, Netflix, and Target day in and day out without tr...

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Why is a Web Form the Way to Go?
12 | Nov

When you speak or type your credit card number over the phone does your skin breakout in gooseflesh? Does your heart skip a beat? Along the ...

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The OG Lockdown of 2017
05 | Nov

Before the Covid lockdown of 2020 was the original credit report lockdown of  2017. The exposure of personal information of over 147 millio...

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Who Knew Journey Could Do That?
02 | Nov

Here’s a short list of things Journey can do beyond identity verification, authentication, and seamless customer onboarding. Pay an outsta...

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Feedback Loop
29 | Oct

I often receive feedback from my online editing tool that analyzes my prose.  It tells me that 2 of 20 sentences is hard to read or 3 of 20...

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Face/Off Versus Face Map
28 | Oct

Could Journey 3D face mapping and liveness detection technology foil the complete face swap in the movie Face/Off? A 3D face map is a topogr...

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22 | Oct

Thanks for a great 30 years SMS protocol, but your hippy-dippy, free-wheeling, network needs an upgrade. From a recent Forbes’ article...

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Identity, the Universe and Everything!
21 | Oct

Legend has it that in the beginning there was Adam. He was all alone and the concept of identity was meaningless. Because Adam was lonely, h...

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Over the Counter Oversharing
20 | Aug

Journey can’t cure a headache but it can treat the sting of silly questions....

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