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Consumer Services and Utilities

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Providing services for consumers, whether we are talking about utilities, cell service, cable, streaming services, or other recurring services, all require similar capabilities to create secure, memorable and positive experiences.

Journey helps these companies by streamlining identity verification, authentication, simple payments, and easy interactions that will set your business apart and streamline your internal operations.

New Customer Onboarding

Starting new services for a recurring utility requires establishing identity, address and payment information. This process can require multiple touchpoints that frustrate customers and make your operations and compliance challenging. Until now there has been no good way to capture the multiple requirements in a single digital session in a secure and compliant fashion. Journey uses the sensors on a smartphone or laptop to enable a digital channel for exchange of information that can be handled in just a couple of moments.

Verify Identity - Biometrics + Document ID matching
Gather Info - Proof of Residency Upload (e.g. lease agreement + Desired Start Date
Transactions - Capture Payment Info (credit card or ACH) Capture eSignature
Close - Thank you for your purchase

Support Interactions and Upsell

Once a customer is onboarded or enrolled in Journey’s identity solutions, everyday passwordless authentication is simple and almost instantaneous. Using the identity template, the customer can authenticate in around two seconds and complete any transaction in a privacy-preserving and highly secure session.

Authenticate - face scan + eForm
eSignature - complete service

Outbound Communications

Reaching customers for legitimate business is more challenging than ever with the explosion of robocalling and fraud. Journey’s solutions let your customers know why you’re calling and enable them to choose the most convenient time, increasing right party connect by up to 10X. It also keeps you TCPA and PCI compliant. Everyone wins.

Transactions - Capture Payment Info (credit card or ACH) Capture eSignature
Support Agent

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