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The Power of Zero Knowledge™

Zero Knowledge
Journey Zero Knowledge Network & Zero Trust

Journey’s unique approach to establishing trusted identity is based on a sophisticated network that uses powerful Zero Knowledge™ cryptography.

Journey has brought this powerful cryptography tool to the world of communications to transform how businesses interact and transact with customers securely and privately, with an easy and elegant customer experience.

Journey’s Zero Knowledge products and services enable a “zero knowledge proof” of identity or sensitive data, verifying that something is true or accurate without actually revealing the data. In the Contact Center for example, the agent will see only that identity information is verified, not the data itself.

Journey’s development of an identity network powered by Zero Knowledge enables a huge array of secure and private transactions to take place between a customer and a business.

To learn more about how Journey’s Zero Knowledge Identity Network ™ can solve a variety of secure identity needs, watch this explainer video.

Work from home bank agent screen
Support Agent

Learn more about Zero Knowledge and how it can be applied