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Journey takes a fundamentally new approach to verifying identity throughout the entire customer lifecycle by solving the identity challenge with a patented identity network and an innovative platform that enables composable identity solutions for hundreds of use cases. Pre-integrated identity solutions let you leverage biometrics, device data, and encrypted data exchange to establish the veracity needed for any transaction and:

  • Onboard new customers with a high veracity identity verification
  • Authenticate in less than two seconds
  • Save at least $1 per call
  • Save up to $400/agent/month
  • Identity authentication accuracy of 99.9999%
  • Increase Outbound right party connect rates up to 10X
  • Award winning customer experience
  • Improve your compliance posture


Watch CEO, Brett Shockley Explain Journey's Contact Center Solutions

Journey secures inbound calls to the contact center establishing a secure, private, and personalized experience in less than 2 seconds, with 99.9999% veracity.

Journey is 99.9999% accurate vs voice based: 94% and knowledge based: 70%
Journey's Solutuion

With consumers overwhelmed by endless spam, contact centers find it more and more difficult to connect with customers for legitimate purposes. Journey’s solution can achieve 10x improvement in right party connect rates.

Use biometrics to secure your at home and outsourced agents with continuous biometric authentication that eliminates passwords and protects your information assets.

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How is it possible to make huge improvements in security, privacy and customer experience at the same time? Journey’s approach is to make confirmed identity the cornerstone of the security and customer experience using a purpose built identity network that enables the exchange of any sensitive information without revealing it.

Verified identity is the foundation of every high-value interaction with your customers throughout their lifecycle. Until now, identity solutions are fragmented and address each stage individually. There’s a better way.



The proliferation of spam calls to mobile phones has made it next to impossible for enterprises to connect to their customers. With pre-call notifications and 2 lines of customizable caller ID, enterprises are up to 10X more likely to pick up a call from a trusted company and be instantly and mutually authenticated.


Ninety-two percent of companies use knowledge-based authentication, which is time-consuming, ineffective, and irritating to customers. Journey’s authentication takes less than 2 seconds, saving at least $1 a call in time alone. That’s not even counting the savings on avoided fraud or costly step-up authentication methods.

Interact and Transact

Quickly, easily, and securely conduct business transactions on a single call, like processing payments, signing documents and getting down to business without painful and disjointed processes. All of this conducted with “zero knowledge”, meaning that sensitive information if not visible to an agent.


Mutually verified authentication travels with customers if they need to be transferred, saving time and creating an amazing customer experience.


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