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Continuous Authentication For Agents

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Continuous Agent Authentication Overview Video

Leverage facial biometrics to easily and securely confirm that at home or outsourced agent is at the screen, even if that screen is now at their kitchen table.

  • Enroll agents remotely with flexible options to match them to government or company identification
  • Passively authenticate them throughout the day at random or pre-planned time intervals with no passwords
  • Simple dashboards give supervisors options to respond if anomalies are detected
  • Privacy-preserving options with blurring of backgrounds

With remote document-centric and biometric identity proofing, your remote agents simply authenticate by capturing and validating their photo ID and scanning their face to match to the ID. That facial biometric template is then saved with you for them for future password-free authentication.

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Using the agent’s webcam, machine learning enables intermittent screening of the environment to ensure that only your agents are in front of their screens. Faces are detected automatically and compared against the facial template created at enrollment. If there’s a mismatch, or if a second face is detected, you can respond in real time.

Privacy, security and agent experience: Journey is a company built on these key premises. With Journey’s Continuous Authentication, all image data is ephemeral and backgrounds can be blurred for privacy.

Facial images are programmatically analyzed against the baseline template with a false acceptance rate as low as ~1 in 950,000, and then immediately destroyed without any manual review or access.

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Journey’s continuous authentication solution is based on our proprietary and patent-pending Zero Knowledge Network, which also limits/eliminates what sensitive details need to be made available to the agent and their environment.

By orchestrating the delivery of sensitive details to go directly from the customer to your back office systems, you can now limit what your agents see or hear by instead sharing results, such as whether a SSN was entered correctly or that a payment was made, rather than exposing them to the SSN or credit card number. These steps have dramatic impacts on reducing scope and achieving compliance with a wide swath of data protection regulations, ranging from PCI to HIPAA to GDPR and CCPA.

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