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Trusted Identity Platform

Trusted ID
Digital Identity Lifecycle Orchestration

Many companies have invested significantly in identity or security solutions, and Journey’s solution allows enterprises to protect those investments by leveraging them, applying them more intelligently, and securing them with our Zero Knowledge Network.

Many of Journey’s identity verification capabilities can leverage the back office databases that enterprises maintain and protect, such as account numbers, Social Security Numbers, PIN numbers, and other types of customer data. Journey easily integrates with enterprise sources of data with a Journey Identity Gateway, seamlessly enabling Zero Knowledge queries.

However, in many cases, enterprises will want to bring in additional services, like voice recognition, document verification, payment processing, behavioral biometrics or other similar services to increase security or provide more capabilities in a customer interaction.

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Journey can easily integrate with most players in this space and by simply connecting a Journey Identity Gateway, preserving those investments but allowing a customized and strategic application of them, often saving customers significant sums.

If you’d like to learn more about Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform, please request a demo.

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