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JourneyID Platform

Journey's solutions are vendor- and underlying technology agnostic, enabling businesses to keep the point solutions they like and always have the option to integrate new tools.

Trusted ID
Digital Identity Lifecycle Orchestration

There are hundreds of point identity solutions that focus a particular type of verification, authentication or transaction, but leave other processes vulnerable or clunky.

Journey, on the other hand, approaches identity through an award-winning network and platform that can be flexibly and easily deployed to apply identity services to all phases of the customer journey and across a wide variety of customer endpoints.

This flexible approach enables businesses to solve a wide variety of identity challenges: reducing scope of compliance, efficiency improvements, customer experience benefits, fraud prevention, and much more.

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Journey can easily integrate with most existing identity solutions and by simply connecting a Journey Identity Gateway, preserving those investments but allowing a customized and strategic application of them, often resulting in significant savings.

If you’d like to learn more about Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform, please request a demo.

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