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Biometric Authentication

Over 90% of businesses today rely on Knowledge Based Authentication – usernames, passwords, silly “security” questions, which are distressingly easy to steal. Multi-factor authentication is ubiquitous now, but adds friction to the customer experience and can still be gamed.

Some add in irritating and time consuming liveness detection like the “I’m not a robot” images where you pick all the photos with traffic lights or crosswalks to detect liveness.

Journey’s approach to cloud-based biometrics enables a fast and far more secure authentication solution that can be leveraged using a smartphone or a browser session.

Biometrics are not only simple and fast, but they are significantly more secure. Journey’s approach enables a myriad of biometric options, including

  • 3D facemaps
  • voice biometrics
  • behavioral biometrics
  • device biometrics.

Advances in the sensors in mobile phones, tablets and even laptops have enabled biometrics to verify and authenticate individuals for digital, phone and in-person interactions. And Journey’s approach adds additional security with our Zero Knowledge Network.

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