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Payments for Voice & Digital

Capture Digital or Credit Card Payments With an API-Driven Solution that Integrates in a Few Weeks

payment options for voice, apple pay, and more

Delight your customers with faster and more private payment options, while reducing your costs and hardening your security. Tapping into mobile wallets allows your customers to utilize an impressive variety of payment methods, from tokenized credit cards to ApplePay, without the need for your agents or bots to transfer the call.

Options such as the Apple Pay and Google Pay can be categorized as “card verified” transactions, resulting in lower exchange fees, better security, and reduced fraud.

Solutions that integrate to the SBC, or require appliances that sit in the call path, introduce extraordinary cost, complexity, and fragility into your contact center, so we invented a modern solution that doesn’t require any of them.

Through pure API integrations, you can take payments through voice and chat, self-serve and agent assisted, while keeping your environment free from PCI sensitive data.

Cover more use cases, both self-serve and agent assisted, through seamless incorporation of other encrypted services from Journey. This expansive list includes electronic signatures, dynamic forms, file upload, biometrics, and even identity verification.

No more blind transfers to payment IVRs while you cross your fingers the customer completes the payment. With Journey, agents see get visual progress updates and sentiment analysis as customer makes their payment. If there’s an indication the customer is having an issue, the agent can reclaim the call in real time.

  • Payments are Zero Knowledge, meaning no card information is shared or stored unnecessarily
  • Voice and Digital payments are purely API driven
  • Because no SBC or Appliance integration is needed, the solution is stable and easy to implement (in days rather than months or quarters)
  • Realtime sentiment and progress updates for agents, and they retain the ability to reclaim the call
  • Take your contact center out of scope of PCI compliance
  • Easily bundle supporting workflows like signatures, receipts, supporting documents and more
  • Works in all contact center channels, enabling IVR containment or any other interaction
  • Far more stable and scalable than any solution that requires an SBC integration

Voice and Digital Payments In All Contact Center Channels

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