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Product/Integration Engineer

Denver, CO

Journey is looking for a product and customer driven engineer who can both translate business requirements into high quality products and support deployment with our integration partners and customers. We are looking for an engineer who enjoys exploring the why of the product in addition to the how. Recognizing that customer experience is pivotal to the success of a product or service is also a requirement for this job. As an agile team, the decision making process is driven by the ability to create the most compelling product for our customers, while simultaneously taking into account the natural limitations of a start-up environment.


Responsibilities & Growth

The immediate need is for an individual contributor for our in-progress products. This will quickly be eclipsed as our product suite grows to become a core product development and integration role.


Why are we hiring for this role now?

Our first products have been delivered to market and have been validated. Journey now needs to scale our products and scale our team to meet immediate customer needs and increased product functionality. The successful candidate will immediately become a critical member of this team.



Journey uses a modern set of development tools wrapped in the SAFE agile methodology. Our development technologies include (but are not limited to) React for the frontend, and Go for the backend. Deployment is targeted at public cloud, private cloud and virtual private cloud environments. A CI/CD pipeline is in place to build and deploy via Github Actions. As a state of the art start-up, Journey has the opportunity to use the best available frameworks and tools, including browser based Tensorflow for our ML features


The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will have a strong software background and a broad interest in the rapid evolution of software development and tools. This has been demonstrated through commercial experience as well as personal interests and projects. Direct experience with our current software tools is not a prerequisite, but proven experience with a strongly-typed language in a production environment is desired. You must have an understanding of system architecture, particularly when it comes to redundancy and reliability. You take pride in your work and want to grow, both at Journey and in your career.

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