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Continuous Authentication for Agents

Continuous Agent Authentication Overview Video

No Credit Card Required

Leverage facial biometrics through an agent’s webcam to easily and securely ensure that your at home or outsourced agent is who they say they are, and at their screen.

  • Enroll agents remotely with flexible options to match them to government and company identification
  • Passively authenticate them throughout the day at random or pre-planned time intervals
  • React in real time if anomalies are detected
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Journey’s continuous authentication solution is based on our proprietary and patent-pending Zero Knowledge Network, which also limits/eliminates what sensitive details need to be made available to the agent and their environment.

By orchestrating the delivery of sensitive details to go directly from the customer to your back office systems, you can now limit what your agents see or hear, dramatically reducing the scope of compliance – ranging from PCI to HIPAA to GDPR and CCPA.

Register for a consultation to receive a 30-day free trial