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Five9 + Journey Identity

Five9 Contact Center customers can now easily add authentication and secure transactions to their contact centers, enabling modern, secure, and privacy-preserving interactions using the sensors on a smartphone.

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See how Journey and Five9 are revolutionizing customer interactions in the contact center using the powerful sensors on a smartphone

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Digital Disclosures and eSignatures

With Journey’s flexible Customer Authentication capabilities, customers interacting with contact centers can authenticate quickly using the sensors on a smartphone. Using biometrics or other secure methods made possible with cameras and touch screens dramatically reduces friction for authenticating, saves at least $1 per minute of authentication time, and enhances customer experience in the process.


Similarly, Journey’s Agent Authentication capabilities enable businesses to log in agents daily using a simple face scan to replace passwords. This helps agents log in quickly daily and eliminates password resets, which cost about $70 – $80 per reset. With Journey’s continuous biometric agent authentication, businesses can also alleviate the challenges of mismatched “time to live” tokens on certain agent applications, which in the past caused an agent to reauthenticate throughout the day. Furthermore, biometric authentication helps protect corporate data by eliminating the risk of compromised passwords, which has caused serious data breaches in recent months.


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Journey + Five9 Inbound Authentication Overview

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Journey + Five9 Passwordless Agent Authentication

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