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Journey + Genesys Premium

Journey provides a fully integrated secure identity platform for Genesys Contact Center solutions, enabling authentication and secure interactions for employees, agents and customers.

As a Genesys Premium App Foundry partner, Journey provides a ground-breaking new digital and voice payment solution, plus award-winning identity proofing, authentication, and secure transactions to enable businesses to interact with their customers in modern, efficient, and secure methods in a Genesys Contact Center environment.

Using the sensors on a smartphone, customers can authenticate with a business and all the channels in its contact center with a biometric, eForm, device data, document proof and more.

Capture digital wallet payments, DTMF, or Voice payments that can be seamlessly integrated in days or weeks, creating a seamless customer experience and massive efficiencies in the contact center.

Make any sensitive transactions, like digital disclosures, eSignatures, address change, wire transfers, and more, fast and secure using the powerful sensors on a smartphone.

  • Capture all major digital payment options, including PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, and more in any channel of your contact center
  • Voice Payment solutions from Journey are reimagined from the ground up, providing an API-based solution that eliminates any need for appliances or integration to the SBC
  • Voice payment information is not in the call path, and the agent retains the ability to reclaim the call at all times if a customer gets stuck
  • All payments are PCI-compliant
  • Implementation takes days or weeks, rather than months or quarters and is more stable than any solution that requires integration to the SBC
  • Payment data is never shown to the agent, so they can work from anywhere and take payments safely
  • Voice, DTMF or Digital payments can be collected in any channel, including IVR and Chat, which drives revenue, containment, and first call resolution
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