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Journey Shields Your Privacy and Personal Info

We don’t ever see or store your data. We encrypt and verify it’s accurate so you can get down to business.

The Journey Shield that your vendor has embedded in their mobile app means that your privacy and your personal data is protected by award-winning, ultra secure and privacy-preserving “zero knowledge™” technology.

Your data privacy and security mean everything to us.

Journey’s mission is to revolutionize security, privacy and customer experience to make your interactions with your vendors ultra secure and ultra private. We never see or store any information you enter to verify your identity. Beware of other vendors who gather your personal information, like passwords and personally identifiable info, because they may be selling some or all of it to other companies for marketing purposes.

Journey is totally different.

Journey’s approach uses a powerful cryptography technique called the Zero Knowledge Proof. To the average person, “Zero Knowledge™” means…..nothing. But you’re benefiting from this advanced cryptographic tool that allows you to prove you know or have something without the other person seeing it.

Using Zero Knowledge™ cryptography, the Journey Identity Network is a disruptive security and privacy set of technologies that ensure we cannot decrypt or otherwise access any identity data on our network.

In other words, Journey never sees the information that we verify for your vendor. It’s entered on your phone or browser, individually encrypted, checked behind the scenes with no human interaction, and verified for the agent helping you.


All the agent sees is this:

Agent View

We love this stuff, and would be happy to share more about how we protect you and your personal data. Please reach out to us if you have questions at