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Journey Support Engagement

Contact Journey Support to troubleshoot service-impacting issues. This guide outlines the terms, timelines, and contact methods for Journey Support.

Journey Service Level Definitions
Journey Service level Objectives

* If a code fix or patch is required timeframes will be adjusted with customer communication regarding updated timelines.

Note: All objective hours assume on-demand access. Without on-demand access, Journey will make best-effort to resolve the issue quickly.

Journey’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time (US).

Journey Support recognizes the following holidays. On these days, Journey only addresses Severity 1 issues.

Note: If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday may be observed on the following Monday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday may be observed on the preceding Friday.

  • Last Monday in May – Memorial Day
  • 4 July – Independence Day
  • First Monday in September – Labor Day
  • Last Thursday & Friday in November – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • 24 and 25 December – Christmas Holiday
  • 31 December, 1 Jan – New Years Holiday

Journey Support is offered in English only.

For all severities, the following information is required:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Your contact number and email address.
  • Please include additional contacts in reporting a Severity 1.
  • The severity of the issue being reported (Sev 1, Sev 2, Sev 3, Sev 4)
  • A description of the issue or request
  • Any troubleshooting steps taken

Please submit a support case by visiting or send an email to

  • Current release
  • The previous release
  • For Severity 1 issues, please contact Journey Support 24 x 7 and 365 days a year at +1-866-316-0444 or +1-720-216-2242
  • For Severity 2 – 4 please email

If you do not receive a response within an hour, please escalate to:

  • Jack Bartlett, Cloud Operations: +1-602-762-1356
  • Todd Parenteau, Vice President of Cloud Operations: +1-612-940-1738 or
  • David Rolling, Vice President Customer Success: +1-586-246-0200

Note: If you call and get voicemail, please:

  • Call a second time as this will break through Do Not Disturb settings
  • Also leave a message

This document is subject to change without notice.