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Journey + Webex Contact Center

Journey provides a fully integrated secure identity platform for Cisco Webex solutions, enabling authentication and secure interactions for employees, agents and customers.

Journey’s capabilities are integrated with Webex contact center capabilities, and can be leveraged by agents and customers alike to make all authentications and transactions more secure and seamless.

Using the sensors on a smartphone, customers can authenticate with a business and all the channels in its contact center with a biometric, eForm, device data, document proof and more.

Make any sensitive transactions, like payments, address change, wire transfers, digital disclosures and signatures and more, fast and secure using the powerful sensors on a smartphone.

Eliminate password resets by enabling agents and other employees to log into their applications and computers using facial biometrics.

  • With Webex Contact Center + Journey, save up to $1 per inbound caller authentication by allowing callers to authenticate with their face to a contact center agent, IVR, chat or any other channel
  • Enable password-less authentication for employees and agents, protecting corporate assets and saving $70 per password reset on average
  • Protect against compliance regulations for privacy and payments
  • Enable hundreds of use cases to create digital experiences in the contact center, reducing handle time, customer friction and fraud
  • Stand up simple use cases in a matter of hours
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