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1,000,000+ Agents Working From Home. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Join industry analyst Sheila, McGee-Smith and communications veterans Brett and Alex Shockley to explore a fundamentally new way to run your Contact Center operations.

Authenticating callers is a necessary evil usually addressed with sub-optimal processes – wasting resources and generally annoying customers, but still leaving enterprises vulnerable to fraud. And now that so many agents are working from home, the risk of breaches is compounded.

Truly solving for high-accuracy digital identity must go beyond verification; it starts with new account creation and protects customer data privacy throughout the customer journey.

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Journey is a security company that is focused on Trusted Customer Identity. Its technology uses a customer’s mobile device to verify identity and provide extraordinary veracity of authentication in a few seconds to remove fraud and friction from existing business processes. Zero Knowledge technology is used to reduce privacy compliance scope to near zero. Enterprise results are showing operational savings over $1/contact while preventing PII exposure and reducing synthetic fraud up to 99.98%


The Economic Impact of Trusted Identity in the Contact Center

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Contact Center Solution Overview

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