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Journey – Best of Enterprise Connect Winner

02 | Apr
Journey Wins Enterprise Connect Awards
Journey Wins Two Prestigious Industry Awards:

Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience

Distinguished Enterprise Connect Awards Recognize Excellence and Innovation in the Enterprise Communications and Collaboration Industry


DENVER – April 2, 2020 – Journey, Inc. has won two prestigious awards from Enterprise Connect, the premier organization focused on enterprise communications and collaboration: Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience in recognition of the company’s groundbreaking Trusted Identity Platform. The Journey Identity Platform is the first and only “no tradeoffs” customer identity platform, enabling companies to deliver on their commitment to security and privacy while simultaneously eliminating customer friction.

Enterprises and customers alike dread the painful authentication processes that are required today for customer interactions, which rely on security questions, social security numbers and passwords. All of those authentication steps are time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately not as secure and confidential as they should be. Journey’s solution removes the need for those frustrating steps so that the identity of customers is instantly verified with ultra-secure one-in-a-billion veracity without revealing any private information about a customer to the customer service agent, in a matter of seconds.

Journey is the first and only platform that orchestrates authentication, verification, and transactions like payment processing and document signing while also delivering an elegant customer experience that is fast, simple, secure, and privacy-preserving. The platform also works in concert with the existing identity, payment and transaction tools that companies have invested in, and it can be implemented in a matter of days to immediately transform customer interactions.

“I am honored to accept these awards on behalf of the entire Journey team. Enterprise Connect has a long track record of recognizing technologies that go on to have an enormous impact, and our Identity Platform will do exactly that. It is a game changer for the way call centers, retail companies, healthcare providers, financial services companies and other organizations interact with customers,” said Brett Shockley, CEO of Journey.

Shockley added: “Organizations will no longer have to make tradeoffs between security, privacy and customer experience. In the past, each step that an organization would make to ensure security and protect privacy would add significant friction to customer interactions. It was a situation that was lose-lose for customers and companies. Our Identity Platform eliminates those tradeoffs by making it possible for the first time to have strong security, robust privacy and an outstanding, frictionless customer experience. Thank you to Enterprise Connect for recognizing how important our platform will be for a long list of industries.”

Watch this video for a peek into Journey’s approach and some examples of use cases for Journey’s technology.

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