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Avoiding GAI’s Privacy and Regulatory (GDPR) Risks

“Whether person or bot, once they see and learn off personally identifiable information (PII), it’s almost impossible to unsee, and unlearn. The only solution is to not show them the information in the first place. This can be accomplished using our zero knowledge technology.” - Brett Shockley, CEO, Journey

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Emmy Sobieski, CFA combines 25 years’ of experience investing in public and private companies with the experience of leading, scaling, and advising tech startups. Emmy co-ran the Nicholas|Applegate Global Tech Fund (#1 fund, up 493% in 1999). Senior positions at Palantir Capital (partner), OppenheimerFunds/Invesco (VP, Director), and Farmers Insurance Investments. Founder, co-founder, COO, and/or advisor in SaaS, Web3, AI, and hedge fund startups. Bestselling Author.