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What do Identity Fraud and a Wilting Head of Lettuce have in Common?
27 | Oct

Neither one has to last very long to have an impact….   With all the talk of lettuce and political longevity, it strikes me that a fr...

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Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
21 | Oct

Recent news items would argue that maybe not…..   Covid has ushered in a new paradigm of remote work to a degree that had never exist...

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The DNA of Identity
14 | Oct

Identity can be both simple and complex. When identity is important, how accurate and foolproof does it need to be? Online identity can be c...

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Trademark, Shmademark … Who really cares?
01 | Dec

A few weeks ago, Journey was officially awarded the trademark “Zero Knowledge Network”. This is important to us because this trademark e...

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In Today’s Digital World, a Security Blanket is not Enough!
29 | Sep

Surveillance based security takes many forms – seemingly more every day, yet the fraudsters are undaunted. According to Dark Reading (...

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A Can of Worms? Pandora’s Box? Is Privacy No Longer Possible in the Age of the Internet?
20 | Sep

Ah, I remember the good old days… the government and in some cases medical establishments and places of worship had records, they were pri...

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12 | Sep

Journey helps businesses and their customers securely interact with one another across the entire customer journey by leveraging composable ...

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Protecting Company Assets With Something Better Than Passwords
23 | Jul

A lot of effort and thought goes into protecting company assets, but at the end of the day, most of the time it comes down to usernames and ...

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Reality Check: There’s Far Too Much Friction AND Fraud in Contact Centers
01 | Jul

There’s a general consensus around the idea that business leaders must choose between fighting fraud and creating friction on the customer...

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