COVID-19 forced companies across the healthcare continuum to adapt, and now the future of patient engagement is here. Organizations need to deliver an integrated, digital communications approach that eliminates friction for both patients, members and employees while improving KPIs, optimizing legacy systems, and increasing revenue. Avaya will be showing healthcare organizations where to start and how scale at this year’s HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, taking place March 14-18 in Orlando, FL.

HIMSS is the leading event for healthcare professionals to connect, learn, and find the solutions they need for innovating health and wellness. Avaya will be showcasing how healthcare organizations can innovate using Avaya OneCloud with solutions from industry-leaders who are part of the ecosystem of Avaya Experience Builders. For example…

Journey, a digital identity verification and authentication platform provider committed to enhancing privacy, security, and customer experience.

Journey’s Identity Network and Platform is the only one of its kind, supporting a range of verification techniques, from encrypted 3D face mapping to document scanning to KBA (knowledge-based authentication), while keeping customer data private using advanced cryptographic techniques. The technology can be easily integrated into existing systems to create fully compliant digital interactions with a frictionless, one-and-done authentication process.

A provider can use Avaya OneCloud to simplify routine interactions like appointment and bill pay reminders by securely sending notifications across the channel of a patient’s choice, with patients being able to make payments directly from those notifications with high veracity authentication via Journey. This delivers the kind of experience the patient wants (easy and frictionless) while improving identity verification, decreasing false acceptance ratio, and costs associated with fraud. Check out this blog to learn more.

SpinSci, an established market innovator focused on digital healthcare solutions through a comprehensive set of patient access workflows.

SpinSci’s cloud-based EHR integration drives context-based care management to health systems by leveraging Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and CCaaS. The company’s composable, platform-agnostic widget provides contextual patient information via screen pops based on real-time EHR data to help providers better address gaps in care (ex: an agent seeing that a patient is overdue for a service and scheduling them for an appointment in real-time). The same can be done for bill payments, helping increase collections while lowering employee effort while enhancing the patient experience.

SpinSci’s EHR integration and Avaya OneCloud CPaaS IVR flows can be used to improve patient self-service as well as automatic campaigns based on specific patient data. For example, a provider can proactively reach out to patients with lapses in care such as females aged 40+ who have not had a mammogram in over a year or seniors who missed their annual flu shot. These reminders allow patients to respond and schedule their appointment in a self-service model. Together, Avaya and SpinSci make it easier for healthcare companies to leverage actionable patient data to increase engagement, retention, and revenue.

Ascom, a global provider of mobile workflow solutions.

Ascom is committed to helping organizations close digital information gaps for the best possible decision-making – anytime, anywhere. This is done through mission-critical, real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad hoc, and time-sensitive environments. The company uses its unique product and solutions portfolio and software architecture capabilities to devise integration and mobilization solutions that provide truly smooth, complete, and efficient workflows for healthcare. This seamless mobilization is crucial for enhancing care coordination across the entire health organization.

Avaya will also be conducting demos for escalating a patient engagement; creating a virtual agent experience for patient self-service leveraging Google CC AI (Contact Center Artificial Intelligence); symptom triage and AI-driven call routing; connecting with remote patients and monitoring IoT devices with proactive, AI-driven outreach; creating secure, zero-knowledge authentication experiences for patients and agents for payment collection, and more.

If you’re a healthcare professional, you won’t want to miss HIMSS22. Stop by Avaya’s booth #3841 to see these experiences in action!

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Director Global Partner Enablement GE Digital. Led marketing, exec communications, customer advocacy, & employee engagement Avaya.