Journey Mobile provides enterprise mobile solutions for its customers. Having released five different mobile products in the first six months of 2020 – we work quickly.


Here’s how we can help your organization thrive in the mobile application space. 


1. Replace and Upgrade Account Signups with Mobile Secure Account Enrollment 


Journey Mobile makes it easy to onboard customers virtually and securely–directly from their phone. We’re dedicated to efficiency by developing new customer enrollment solutions for your mobile products. How? We use the camera in conjunction with valid ID cards to enroll new users. Journey helps your organization to keep bots out – and trust in – so that you can focus on what’s most important: your customer.   


2. Identify Customers by Who They Are and Not What They Have 


We’re ahead of the curve. As the world moves forward more and more interactions are happening in the mobile space. Ensuring that customer transactions are persistently secure and trusted has never been more important. We use customer enrolled data (from point 1, above) to verify user identity. Journey provides a low-friction interface to ensure that all actions through your mobile products are protected and secure. 


3. Reach Customers through Custom Push Notifications


Push Notifications allow your organization to stand out by reaching customers in real-time. Your message is not lost In a sea of unread emails. With a higher open rate than email, push notifications are your go-to for customer engagement. Leverage push notifications to increase sales, promote new products, inform customers of changes to existing products, and liquidate stale merchandise.


4. Improve Team and Application Performance with Organic Feedback 


Customer Feedback is a vital metric for any team. “How would you rate this app?” is a common prompt for any iOS user over the last few years. Journey Mobile helps your team go beyond capturing feedback by employing user feedback filtering with the widget, turning negative feedback frowns upside down. Use a custom flow to communicate negative feedback right directly to your team to get ahead of application upgrades, negative trends, and customer concerns.

Ask us how the Journey Mobile Team can help your team thrive in the mobile app space.