Our experienced digital security team has a few proven tips on how to secure a website. See how you can use this advice to your online advantage


If you have a website for your business, security is vital, especially if you engage in e-commerce.

Are you wondering how to secure a website? Look no further. Our security experts have some steps you can take to make your website secure.

Make sure your website is one that both you and your customers can trust with these tips and tricks.


Keep All Software Updated

No matter what host platform you use for your site, staying on top of software updates is a must. You will also want to check for updates on your site plug-ins and your server’s operating system.

Updating your software can help to fix security lapses that could leave your site open to attacks. Cyber hackers look for sites with weak software, so updating yours is a great way to protect against these threats.


Consider Moving Beyond the Password.

Ninety-two percent of businesses use some sort of “knowledge based authentication” like usernames, passwords or silly security questions. These processes are loathed by customers and take a lot of valuable time from your employees to verify. Anything that can be known can (and likely already has) been stolen. Sixty percent of fraudsters can pass these “security” questions, and the real customer fails them 30% of the time on average.

Biometrics are a significantly stronger security poster and take only seconds. The problem is that most enterprises don’t know how to effectively implement a solution as powerful as a biometric authentication solution. However, as mobile phones with powerful sensors permeate the market, there are now some great options for businesses to secure their interactions with their customers. Check out a fast-mover, Journey, who has won awards for their innovation in this space (www.journeyidstage.wpengine.com).


Zero Knowledge. It sounds like a bad thing, but we promise it’s a super powerful way to secure your website.

Essentially, Zero Knowledge is a concept that Journey, mentioned above, has coined to describe a secure network that can be established between your customers and your employees. Their identity can be verified to a very high degree of veracity using biometrics, and it takes only seconds.

But the powerful security doesn’t stop there, because with “zero knowledge” the personal or financial data of your customer cannot be seen by the employee or contact center agent helping them.


Use a Trusted Identity Platform

Transparency and online safety are becoming more important to customers than ever before. Consider using a secure identity platform that can protect both you and your customers. Our platform allows for ultra-security in areas such as your site chat sessions while using biometric authentication to make signing in fast.

This is also a great way to assure your customers that their data and information are in safe hands. With a secure identity platform, you can give your customers peace of mind without making them give you long strings of personal information. This also allows for added security in the fulfillment process.

Showing your customers that your site can be trusted without the typical frustration of confirming their identity will help you build brand loyalty. Additionally, allow for transparency with your customers by letting them view your privacy policies.


How to Secure a Website

As a business owner, it’s your duty to make sure your site is safe for you, your employees, and your customers. Make sure you’re doing all you can for your website and business by taking the necessary security measures. Keep these tips on how to secure a website in mind so that you can maintain a site that people can trust.

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