Here’s a short list of things Journey can do beyond identity verification, authentication, and seamless customer onboarding.

  • Pay an outstanding balance with online ID document validation, face recognition and liveness detection.
  • Secure appointment reminders by replacing  the display of sensitive information to agents with proof of ownership.
  • Manage subscription renewals with in-call payments using Zero-Knowledge technology.
  • Deter a surge of inbound calls during a disruption with notifications and messaging at the outset.
  • Set up a payment plan in real-time on a mobile device fitted with an anchor of trust reducing fraud and improving customer experience.
  • Improve technical support and customer satisfaction by removing the customer interrogation at the beginning of each call.
  • In a web browser virtual private room:
    • fill in forms
    • view catalogs
    • verify identity
    • pay for goods and services
    • exchange documents and photos
    • sign contracts and terms and conditions
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