When you speak or type your credit card number over the phone does your skin breakout in gooseflesh? Does your heart skip a beat? Along the digital highway attempts have been made to lower customer concern. One way was turning telephone touch tones numbers into flat tones. That way the contact center agent only hears the computer sound and not the string of numbers.

Gotta say flat tones remind me of the bleep bloops intoned by the visiting heptapods in the 2016 alien movie “Arrival”. But as the code was cracked in the film so can it be in the contact center. Credit card numbers, even if they are extraterrestrial terminology enter the tech stack. And this cache of characters becomes a dangerous data lake for the business.

Enter the Journey Zero Knowledge Web Form

Here comes a humble brag: it is easier and faster to transact on a Zero Knowledge form where no information is exposed making it PCI compliant. Okay, two: the solution works across mobile, talbot, laptop, desktop — you name it — where it is easy to create a one-click payment. There are no tones or bleeps or blips or bloops. Journey leaves that to the movie makers.

Privacy Preservation

Journey takes sensitive data from the user’s device and then individually encrypts it.  The form bypasses the contact center tech stack and seeks validation in the different back end databases. Journey brings the results of those queries back to the agent.

No need to read aloud or translate sensitive credit card data.

On the Journey platform, we are human afterall.

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Storyteller and translator of technical jargon. BA in English from UC Riverside.