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How Streamlining Authentication Can Transform Your Credit Union

October 22, 2020 1:00 pm ET

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Credit Unions are laser-focused on delivering an exceptional member experience through quality interactions and privacy protection. Like many other businesses, Credit Unions have been grappling with increased volume and handle times while sending employees to work from home, setting up a potentially risky situation for fraud.

What many Contact Center leaders are discovering is that there is one lever that can be pulled that will address many challenges simultaneously:

  • Deliver a more secure authentication process
  • Reduce handle time and therefore workload
  • Seamlessly complete multiple transactions one call, even if handoffs, signatures, or forms are required
  • Improve compliance for banking, security and privacy

This common thread is establishing trusted digital identity. There are a lot of tools out there today that can help with parts of this challenge, but is there a better way to holistically approach digital identity? (Hint: there is!)

Join Credit Union Contact Center guru Lori Bocklund and Contact Center platform and technology wizards Brett and Alex Shockley to explore the latest thinking in solving these problems and how to do so cost effectively and with low burden on your IT and contact center teams.

  • Brett Shockley - CEO, Journey Headshot

    Brett Shockley - CEO, Journey

  • Alex Shockley - President, Journey Headshot

    Alex Shockley - President, Journey

  • Lori Bocklund Headshot

    Lori Bocklund