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Journey’s Award-Winning Trusted Identity Platform Selected for EC20 Innovation Showcase

04 | Aug

EC20 Innovation Showcase during Enterprise Connect Digital Conference & Expo puts spotlight on 2020’s most innovative secure communications and collaboration solutions


DENVER, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Journey has been selected for Enterprise Connect’s prestigious EC20 Innovation Showcase, which recognizes the most important security and privacy innovations of the year in the unified communications and enterprise collaboration industry. Only four companies have been selected for this showcase and their solutions will be presented during the EC Digital Conference & Expo taking place the week of August 3, 2020. This year’s Innovation Showcase focuses on companies whose solutions embody an innovative approach to making communications and collaboration more secure. Journey was selected because its groundbreaking Trusted Identity Platform fundamentally transforms the security, privacy-preservation, customer experience, and economics of digital and contact center interactions with customers.

Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform transforms the way businesses securely verify the identity of their customers using an award-winning and patent-pending “Zero Knowledge” network-based approach. It is the first and only platform that solves for privacy, security, and customer experience simultaneously, which unlocks huge improvements in customer satisfaction, fraud prevention, and major operational and cost efficiencies for businesses.

“It is an honor to be featured in Enterprise Connect’s EC20 Innovation Showcase. The fact that Enterprise Connect chose to focus on security and privacy this year for their innovation showcase highlights the relevance of our technology in today’s business climate. Security and privacy are among companies’ top concerns as the majority of the workforce shifts to working from home. Our Trusted Identity Platform addresses those concerns, providing strong security, excellent privacy, and a frictionless customer experience,” says Journey CEO Brett Shockley.

Journey’s CTO, Michael Frendo added, “Today, over 90% of companies use knowledge-based authentication (KBA), which includes username, passwords, and somewhat silly ‘security’ questions like the caller’s father’s middle name or favorite pizza topping. Social media and other sources equip fraudsters to defeat these ‘hurdles’ over 60% of the time, whereas valid consumers may miss the answers up to 30% of the time. This is simply not good enough for interactions that require secure and accurate digital identity. Financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail – any sort of interaction occurring in the digital world must have at least 1:million or higher level of veracity, and must have a smooth and elegant customer experience. Journey has achieved that with our zero knowledge identity network.”

Enterprise Connect recently named Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform the winner of its Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience awards, which recognize major innovations that will have a significant impact on customer service and experience.

For more information and to see an archived demo of Journey’s many use cases in action, check out the webinar Journey hosted in June, featuring Sheila McGee-Smith, the preeminent expert on contact center trends, and Brett Shockley, Journey’s co-founder and CEO. To view the webinar, visit

About Journey:
Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform is the first and only trusted identity platform and network solution that allows companies to eliminate customer friction while also dramatically lowering fraud, reducing operating costs, and lessening the risk of data breaches. Journey’s solution will transform both inbound and outbound customer interactions for enterprises in industries such as contact centers, healthcare, retail, financial services and business process outsourcing (BPO). For more information, visit

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