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Over the Counter Oversharing
20 | Aug

Journey can’t cure a headache but it can treat the sting of silly questions....

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The Consumer Protection Agency and Your Business: 5 Need to Know Rules to Avoid Trouble
16 | Mar

How does the Consumer Protection Agency affect your business practices? Here are 5 need to know rules so you can avoid trouble....

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Who Knew Journey Could Do That?
02 | Nov

Here’s a short list of things Journey can do beyond identity verification, authentication, and seamless customer onboarding. Pay an outsta...

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Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
21 | Oct

Recent news items would argue that maybe not…..   Covid has ushered in a new paradigm of remote work to a degree that had never exist...

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Invasion of the Data Snatchers 
12 | Aug

Journey uses asymmetric encryption. The solution is to use symmetric keys to encrypt personal information instead of inputting it or showing...

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6 Ways Your Business Benefits From Changing Attitudes About Biometrics
06 | Mar

From phones to expedited TSA lines, attitudes around biometrics are changing as it is becoming the norm. Learn how this shift benefits your ...

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Why is a Web Form the Way to Go?
12 | Nov

When you speak or type your credit card number over the phone does your skin breakout in gooseflesh? Does your heart skip a beat? Along the ...

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What do Identity Fraud and a Wilting Head of Lettuce have in Common?
27 | Oct

Neither one has to last very long to have an impact….   With all the talk of lettuce and political longevity, it strikes me that a fr...

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Keeping Customer Information Secure: How to Prevent Data Breaches
18 | Mar

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and it's your job to protect their private information when it's given to you. Data breac...

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